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This is one of the truest things I've ever read about high school<<This applies to me so much Except im lucky to have 2 friends who i can be myself in front of and have made some incredible memories with

from The Good Men Project

Our Presence: The Gift That Really Matters to our Children

Goodness+is+about+character,+integrity,+honesty,+kindness,+generosity,+moral+courage,+and+the+like.+More+than+anything+else,+it+is+about+how+we+treat+other+ ...


Lemon Meringue Cake

Lemon Meringue Cake: In all honesty, the origin of this cake is simply that I cannot make a go of a lemon meringue pie. I've tried, and I've tried, and it's not that I've utterly failed, but I haven't completely delighted myself. There's enough of that kind of falling short in the rest of life, without having to usher in disappointment and self-loathing in the kitchen. This, then, is the easy option.

Fearless is not meaning that you have no fear, it is simply facing fear head on, and refusing to live within it's shadows. Xx~Madeline