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A garden bench made out of the headboard of a bed is shown at Restore & Rework on Friday, Jan. 20, 2011 in Castro Valley, Calif. Owner and craftsman Cisco Diaz began his own business last year when he was unable to find work. (Jane Tyska/Staff)

How To Build A Barn Door Headboard

How to Build A Barn Door Headboard | sliding barn door for entry into laundry room? barn door headboard (without fabric) for master bedroom?

Making furniture from obsolete material and and giving new life to old ones 1

MvK: If you had to name the most important couture techniques to master, what would they be? Susan Khalje: Well, being able to fit something perfectly is essential – and that’s tricky, it just is – but apart from that, I’d say that you’ve got to be adept

King size barn wood headboard complete with original hardware - constructed by Vintage Headboards. Call us at 972.668.2603 to place your orders. Finished by Paula Moore.

Quirky Pallet Art Helped Sell A Home

Quirky Pallet Art Helped Sell A Home! How I created a piece of pallet art at the time of selling a property, which attracted a buyer and helped me sell the property quickly.

Diy pallet headboard!! Add stain, & cool lights!! & bam! An amazing looking headboard. My husband did a great job!:)