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What can you do to educate yourself and others on freedom from breast cancer for breast cancer awareness month? #breastcancer #breastcancerawarenessmonth

29 Things Everyone With A Vagina Should Definitely Know

Learn more about women's health topics from Dr. Cutler's research including hysterectomy, hormones, mammograms, and more! #women #health

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Learn more about the groundbreaking research on how mammograms and the overdiagnosis of breast cancer may be detrimental to women's health and overall well-being: #women #health #breastcancer

Online statistics on breast cancer risk are startling, but some may be exaggerated. This scientific study shows a new finding that less than 5% of asymptomatic women are at risk of diagnosis of invasive breast cancer over their next 25 years of life. Read more research on the harms from the overdiagnosis, #science #health #breastcancer

Learn what women can do to stay free of breast cancer with this science, #science #breastcancer

A Dozen Myths About Breast Cancer

Early screening to prevent and detect breast cancer may be a myth. Find out how mammograms may hurt rather than help women's health, #breastcancer #health

The Easy Cancer

Learn the risks on the overdiagnosis and treatment of breast cancer with this scientific research, #health #women #breastcancer

Want to learn more about healthy living? Check out this scientific research devoted to empowering women with knowledge on their bodies on topics ranging from hormones and hysterectomy to pheromones, sexual health, and more! Repin or comment with your own health tips for women! #women #health