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Health U.: A Nutrition Curriculum for Teenagers with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities by RD, Linda Bandini PhD

Common Core Standards for Health Made Easy! This resource includes the full 20 lessons needed for your Health curriculum to be aligned to the Common Core Standards!! Cost-26.00

Remember when we did our Fat Test a couple of weeks ago? Well, one student in particular thought that his snack got the green light during our Fat Test. “Look! My M& M’s have no fat in them!” Well, sorry kiddo! Maybe no fat, but let’s have a lesson about sugar!! I began by passing out the [...]

Dyslexia mind map

Many of you saw this when I originally posted it a few months ago, and it was incredibly popular. However, we have a lot of new people and I thought they might want to see it, as well. Click the image to see the other mind maps, or click the link below.

Dyslexia and Speech Therapy I used to think that dyslexia was just when people reversed letters in words when they were reading. I’m not sure how this misconception got so popular but it’s important to know that dyslexia is much more than that and that letter reversal is not

Why I Do Not Teach a Health Triangle Unit By the time most health teachers are finishing the Health Triangle Unit, my class would have completed a Goals or Good Intentions Unit. They would begin a Personality Styles Unit next and they were totally engaged in the most important things of their lives — themselves.