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undertale, sans, frisk, papyrus, gaster

You can’t buy fun but you can download it

papyrus, sans, undertale, frisk<<<< frisk is so panicked XD


papyrus, sans, undertale Paps you fell so easily for that

sans and papyrus - skelebros comic.

sans and papyrus - skelebros comic. This is exactly how I feel with my sis. Annoys the crap out of me sometimes, but I can't help but love her.

Undertale, Sans, Papyrus, Gaster, Blaster

I can make the gaster blaster master caster disaster plaster faster than others

Sans no <<< Sans yes

M really tho pls control Sans before Papyrus kills him due to puns

sans and chara | undertale

Then sans jumps up in the air and gaster blasts the SHIT out of chara>>>I feel something crawling on my back and it isn't sins.nope it's pure fear.

That switched eye wink can kinda throw you a little without you actually realizing why.  "Is there... did something different just happen...?"

Hohooo I never noticed that. Maybe because I couldn't really see during the genocide run cause I was crying all the time. It's burning in hell, not rotting.


I think this would be when sans finally accepts Flowey into the family

YESSSS THE PUNS!!!! - lol if ur reading this Audrey, this is just for you!~ xD<<< idk who Audrey is but  I love it

YESSSS THE PUNS! - lol if ur reading this Audrey, this is just for you!~ xD<<< idk who Audrey is but 😂 I love it<<< me too oh my gosh

undertale, sans, frisk, papyrus, undyne

undertale, sans, frisk, papyrus, undyne<<< poor Sans He's crying

sharktunarts - Sans and Papyrus - comic

Graco Pack 'n Play Playard, Ashford

sharktunarts - Sans and Papyrus - comic. This is super cute, even if technically sans is the older brother.

Frisk, Sans, and Toriel - comic

Frisk, Sans, and Toriel - comic-----does this count as soriel? I'm gonna count it as soriel

sans, undertale, gaster

teehee (mebbe they should leave hellen alone tho)

undertale, sans, papyrus. I'll take that as a yes

I love how Asgore looks in the final panel.

A prompt/request from anon on tumblr :D i'm receiving a lot of sanster prompts lately omg

The gravity of the situation may be high but it doesn't mean papyrus should be hanging around waiting for that pun

undertale, sans, papyrus, frisk

I'm pretty sure Sans is older and Pap just got growth spurts so yeah but that last panel though!