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Bob Dylan Smoking by Jerry Schatzberg, 1965 / photography, black and white, bob dylan, jerry schatzberg

impossible to go wrong with wayfarers

Bob Dylan's handwritten lyrics for 'The Times They Are A-Changin'' to be sold at auction

Bob Dylan knocking on heavens door original version 1973 Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid Full song Movie version Guns N Roses.Beautifull song of all tim.

Bob Dylan by Jerry Schatzberg

Bob Dylan Studio Portraits Side Light Manhattan, New York, USA 1965 © Jerry Schatzberg

President John F. Kennedy and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy wanted to call off the rides and let the courts and U.S. government decide on segregation issues. It was very embarrassing to the Kennedy administration because they didn’t want, particularly in an election year, to have this attention drawn to it. Attorney General Bobby Kennedy, tried to get SNCC and CORE to call off the Freedom Rides. Because of the world's reaction, they were eventually forced to act.

Classic LIFE magazine photos of John Kennedy, from fresh-faced congressman in 1947 to husband and father to most powerful person on earth.

i love this interview…..and when he says "the tie…" - Bob Dylan – Tartan Tie, 1966

i love this interview….and when he says "the tie…" - Bob Dylan – Tartan Tie, 1966