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Princess Diana

Princess Diana circa I think Diana also wore this coat Feb 1991 in Devonport to visit departing Sailors on their way to the Gulf War. Wearing a long black coat with leopard print lapels.

Hi! I`m Marjan from the Netherlands. This is a photo blog about Princess Diana. A very special...

GGTRD 083 1989 Relate HRH Diana tells George that his pic will not come out as the sun is shining in the lens of the camera

Princess Diana

January Princess Diana on a black gown, glittery sleeves. Dated from an Image collect watermarked photo (courtesy: Rose Kodis).

Princess Diana

Princess Diana with her sister Lady Sarah seen here behind Diana. Lady Sarah is wearing one of the Princess' hand me down suits (first seen in April 1991 on Diana)

Princess Diana

March Princess Diana attends the Barbican Centre in London the…

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