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I just like to be all one color! Since my lower half doesn't tan, I have to try and keep the top half pale.

Yes, I am pale. I have freckles. And I am a redhead. All pre-dispose me to melanoma.

Love junkies...love to be in love. They spend so much time in empty relationships that go nowhere and fall in love so quickly. It's the feeling of euphoria that being in love gives that they fall for. Once that feeling is gone ...they will be, too.

I'm in love with the idea of being in love. Love is magical and many people have fallen in love with pure idea of being in love.but it hurts when it's only the idea and not the person

Honesty is a good trait, right? lol

Practice Radical Honesty

How to Practice Radical Honesty. You have probably told many little lies and half-truths throughout your life. Radical honesty is the practice of minimizing the lies you tell. The "radical honesty" movement was founded by a.

Why Being A Parent Is Like Being A Scientist... Let us count the ways!

Why Being A Parent Is Like Being A Scientist Another great post by The Science of Parenthood!

Haha x

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