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vintage everyday: 10 Fascinating Photographs from World War II ~ Because of the ongoing war, the Olympic Games of 1940 and 1944, slated for Tokyo and London, could not be held. However, several POW camps in Poland went ahead with their own Olympics, both in 1940 and 1944. While many of the events were held in secret, the 1944 Woldenberg Olympics, held at the camp in Woldenberg, and another held at the camp in Gross Born (both in Poland), were held on a much larger scale.

Alvin C. Kraenzlein was the first athlete to win 4 Olympic gold medals. He did so in 1900 for the United States of America. He won the 60 metres, 110 metre hurdles, 200 metre hurdles and the long jump.

Up Front portraits | Australian War Memorial / "During the First World War many Australian soldiers travelled overseas for the first time..."

Drewry’s Bluff, Virginia, sling cart used in removing captured artillery during the American Civil War, ca 1865

50 Influential Photographs That Changed Our World

Influential Photographs Shaming Nazi Collaborators _ Robert Capa immortalizes the treatment of French women who were believed to have been Nazi collaborators during liberation “ugly carnivals” in 1944, France.

London 2012 Countdown: Great Olympic Moments

Ann Packer wins 800m at Tokyo Olympics 1964 Dupureur ( France ) 2nd Chamberlain ( NZ ) 3rd

war-photographs-recreated-pierre-remi-mazille-france-13 ~Last Summer, I Found WW2 Photos Of Dijon In France And Retook Them In The Same Places 70 Years Later. The 13th century church of Notre Dame overlooks German soldiers

Blitz Britain: Amazing colour pictures of London under siege from Nazi bombers during World War II

Stiff upper lip: A man determined to keep a sense of normality reads a book on a park bench as a moored barrage balloon, designed to scupper air attacks, floats in the background and a second, right, soars above