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<3 Love these giraffe print nails! Take a different view on animal print!

I must have a thing for purple nail polish... and bows lately. ;) I wan to just glue bow onto all of manis! And I think I will do just that because I just received a ton of cute bows from SeAnna Juicy Nails ;D I can't wait to use those but sadly I did this design in particular a few days ago so I didn't have the new bows. 3 But anyway, here is my sad attempt at purple mix and match nails (with a wonky tape accent nail... you can tell that I don't use striping tape often...) xD   I only used 2 different nail polishes colors, striping tape, and of course my little nail art bow from the Born Pretty Store. I've been seeing a lot of tape manicures floating around on Instagram so I decided to try one for myself. I see potential but this is totally not my thing yet. ;)  So the light purple polish is OPI You're Such A Budapest and the darker purple is Sinful Colors Amethyst. :) It kills me that I hardly ever get to use Amethyst yet -- this literally is one of my favorite colors ever.  Yeah so one bottle shot using my OPI polish is obviously not enough. I have to show off my Sinful Colors' bottle too!  Here is how all 5 nails ended up! Simplicity at it's finest. ;) And I wasn't going to include this shot but I decided to because I was trying some different hand poses. xD There are always a ton of jokes about how girls post 'stupid photos of their nails on the internet' *cough cough, I do that as a hobby obviously, cough* and so this prompted me to make a super unnatural hand-pose. Bahaha, now that I look at it, it doesn't look that bad... but man, it felt super awkward.     So how did you like my purple mix and match nails? :) I have always loved this super varied manicures but I'm not very creative with making my own. Thus, the addition of nail art bows make everything better. No joke! I must continue with swatching now that I have *successfully* completed my first accounting test but I have a calculus and econ test next week. Eeeeep! I can't wait until next Thursday -- I will be done with testing for like 2 weeks. ;) Then we can start the stressing cycle all over again. Joyous. :| Happy thoughts, I can do it! xD   Your Polish Pal, Jenna

Nail design I would like to try ThatsSoChristie