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f Wizard Magic books urban library scribe Blonde scholar

Marra, the bookish teen from Gondor. f Wizard Magic books urban library scribe Blonde scholar

rank 2nd nickname the wise master name lord pelias volentis magic type fire - ice - light - enchanting - healing -earth -water - illusion location emperor college of magic known affiliation emperor luke vanbastian the third advisor emepror college of magic arch-mage origin sun of two ordinary farmer raised in the town yelkorn until the age of 16 then joined the emperor college of magic after showing exceptional skill in magic controll age 104 personality wise visionary joker yet serious

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Membre du Conseil de la Nouvelle Alliance, Massada, Rolenthär.

Human Male Wizard Spellcaster Arcane Spellbook Staff Light Old generic

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Mina quickly secured her armour, her Mind churning, a thousand doubts and worries in her mind.