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Choose Your Magic Travel: Molecular Gastronomy -The Food of Future

In a few years we won’t need all these old fashioned recipes, cook books, we won’t even need pots and pans. Because molecular cooking has gained such huge notoriety in the past couple of [.

El bulli, Ferran Adria

[Photos: copyright Francesc Guillamet] Here are photographs of dishes from Ferran Adrià's restaurant elBulli by Francesc Guillamet — they're part of the exhibit "The Art Of Eating: From Still Life.

Piña Coladas...Molecular Gastronomy Style | spachethespatula.com #recipe

Piña Coladas…Molecular Gastronomy Style

I have a weird Friday "drink" for you today! A while ago, Mikey got me a couple of molecular gastronomy kits as gifts.