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I need to learn this. I need to know if i feel pretty i am pretty. If i feel beautiful i am beautiful just because my bf doesnt compliment me doesnt make me ugly. Its making him blind for not seeing what a beautiful gf he has and acknowledging it .

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A relationship is the exchange of souls. It’s the drowning of emotion. It’s the dividing of hearts, and most importantly, it’s the loss and gain of time. It’s the decision to give up your life, the time that creates those moments in it, to someone else.

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A grandparents house is where cousins become best friends 11x11 Vinyl Lettering

My best childhood memories involve my cousins! I was lucky to be blessed on both the Bowers and the Moore side! Sundays at Grandaddy and Granny Bowers' were the highlight of my week! Playing until you couldn't stand up and your parents couldn't stand the smell of you! Love my cousins all of them!