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Zoe at aged 7 playing Sweet Child Of Mine. Zoe now plays in The Mini Band, who have become an internet sensation after their video of Metallica's Enter Sandman went viral.

Enter Sandman - METALLICA Cover - The Warning | | "Visit our new webpage !! Daniela - Guitar - 14 yrs old; Paulina - Drums - 12 yrs old; Alejandra - Bass Guitar - 9 yrs old"

Marron 5 - Payphone Violin Cover - substituted the rap part with a little improv section. Click to play

Sweet Child o Mine, played my the Mini Band. Awesome! Hopefully this pins the video and not just a still shot.

Violin Solo by Multi-Talented 4 Years Old Kid [Dhanat Plewtianyingthawee playing multiple Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 songs at the Grand Auditorium of Thailand Cultural Center]—See more of this young violinist #from_thaiabstract

5 Effective Strumming Patterns for Beginners [Ukulele Lesson] - This video is found on a blog by a 1st year teacher, and this page is devoted to ukulele information.

I have done nothing with my life...

This video gonna make you say WOW!!! Piano Keyboard Flood (Disaster Type) Cover Oasis Air Playing Cover Song Open Time (Dimension) Person Recital New Eye Gallagher Guitar Music Piano Cover Acoustic First Third Yama...