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Know it all to well...

I don't cry anymore. The hurt has just become a numb feeling I've felt over and over again.

Correction- she fights back. She has been fighting back. Make no mistake about what she thinks. So don't assume because you will look stupid !

I guess I've never really thought about it this way before. It's just a natural thing for me, it's how I'm wired. It's one of the qualities about myself that I'm most grateful for. That I was entrusted with this Gift. There are many kinds of strength.

Junk Girl

I lot of Tim Burton's poems make me think of mental illness and the hopelessness people with certain illnesses experience. Imagine if junk girl had held on.

poems about love

Poems about love can be personalized for that special someone in your life. Make an emotional connection that they'll never forget.

Until It's Gone ~ Lang Leav

But what about the ones who do know? The ones who never took a damn thing for granted? Who tried their hardest to hold on, yet could only look on helplessly as they lost the things they loved the most? Isn't it so much worse for them?

"You say you love rain..."

12 Quotes Commonly Misattributed To Shakespeare - Whether it's a Shakespeare quote or not, it's still a really cute quote!

poems about love | kids shape poetry competition style true shape poem key stage ks2 ks3 ...

A heart shaped romantic shape poem by Zoe, age entered in the Funny Poems for Kids Shape Poetry Competition