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"It's the downstairs neighbors again. . .they say you're technically proficient, but there's not enough emotion."

"It's the downstairs neighbors again.they say you're technically proficient, but there's not enough emotion.

Piano Steps in Santiago, Chile. I would love to do this to my home stairs!

Urban design is not necessarily boring or super hi-tech or expensive.good idea also for stairs to the floor where our music hall might be (I don't even have a house but know that piano will be there in a big room - for sure!

Omg that is soooo cool!!! It's the inside of a string instrument!!!! As a cello player, this is pretty cool:)

Photographs taken from the inside of musical instruments, making them look like large and spacious rooms - the inside of a Cello. What if we were to design a room with skylights shaped so the room appeared to be the inside of an instrument.

memorizing this is literally how I learned to play actual music on the piano.

Cheat sheet chart of piano chords. Always wanted to play piano cause you can play any type of music on it .

Dibujo de Quino

Hoja 1: Presupuesto Salud 2011

I grew up on Argentinian comics master Quino - his 'Mafalda' was a highly political, very depressing Peanuts-type strip with bold and inventive drawing. My Argentinian father had collections of his equally depressing and beautiful political cartoons.

Marching Band Humor | Tales From Band Camp - You Know You’re a Band Nerd When…

tbonelove: “ I love seeing comics about marching band from other band kids just so that you can see how similar we all are to each other. ” Lol band director gossip, this is so accurate