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The Zen of Narcissists: Lesson #8 – Relationship Rules for Narcissists

"When you delete the unnecessary people from your life, good things will start happening for you and it won't be a coincidence.

Dr Steve Maraboli

"I am self-propelled; fueled from within. I appreciate people’s opinions, but I’m not attached to them. I learned a long time ago that if I give them the power to feed me, I also give them the power to starve me." - Steve Maraboli I need to b this way!

IMPORTANT  Whether you want to loose weight, gain weight, get stronger, be able to run faster, or just want to feel better - the changes you make should be MAINTAINABLE and SUSTAINABLE. You should LIKE what you do, ENJOY what you eat and love every step of the journey Because you know what? The journey never ends. No, life continues. Whether you enjoy whatever you're doing or not. So, DON'T start diets where you eat stuff only because it's healthy Don't even start to divide food into

Athletes eat and train, they don't diet and exercise. eat healthy and train to be stronger and better. don't diet and deprive yourself of good foods and then exercise to punish yourself or to burn energy you don't have. it's all about perspective *

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. - Albert Einstein  #oldbooksrstillcool

Albert Einstein Quotes

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If it's not making you better, it isn't love. True love makes you more of who you are, not less.

Only the word of God can teach you what true love is. Only God can truly love you and fulfill the void of the world. No man can give you the satisfaction and fulfill you the way God does. He completes you.

keuzes maken zorgt voor verandering

The 3 C's of Life: Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make a Choice to take a Chance or your life will never Change.

Be afraid

The true meaning of courage is to be afraid, and then with your knees knocking and your heart racing, step out anyway - even when that step makes sense to nobody but you. making a bold move is the only way to truly advance toward the grandest vision the

Einstein Quotes

"If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign? ~ Albert Einstein [one of my favorite quotes - for obvious reasons lol]