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I GOT TO HAVE THIS  sears.com  $19.99  Emtec M312 Animal USB Flash Drive 4GB (Mouse)

I GOT TO HAVE THIS sears.com $19.99 Emtec M312 Animal USB Flash Drive 4GB (Mouse)



Cryptex USB Flash Drive @thistookmymoney

Cryptex USB Flash Drive

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30 Memorias USB que todo estudiante que se respete debería tener

"The next James Bond movie is probably just going to be him stuck at passport control for 2 hours."

This post about memory sticks.

I call them USBs. My mum calls them memory sticks. My teacher calls them USB drives.

If someone used this for a resume I would be shocked, but it would be damn cool for a super-fleshed out pitch.

Self promotion idea. OK - no beatng around the bush - this is a serious portfolio - but this may be your competition - so what you may lack in money for a portfolio - make up for it in creativity - see all my suggestions on my Self Promotion Idea Board.

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Huawei HSPA+ USB Dongle is a highly compact USB Surfstick supporting the complete range of HSPA+/UMTS and GSM/GPRS/EDGE network technologies, allowing fast uplink speed rates of up to and a downlink of up to

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Despina -X-mas doll - USBdolls - christmas pendrive

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