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What a true Quebecer !

How beautiful is my new mirror from Mr The Home That Made Me ? We're off to London to see Frozen on Ice today so keep an eye on my Instagram stories. Also I've done a blog I just know you're all going to love on before/after pictures of what's changed in Baylyn House in 2016 - it's crazy how different it looks in just 1 year!

"Today I was at the hospital and this girls was crying too much, I didn't knew what to do so I just give her my chocolate because I thought about Lupin giving chocolate to Harry in the train..."

I love to read! There’s nothing better to me, than being so enthralled in a good book that I stay up late at night reading it. And yet for many years as a Christian, I didn't read the Bible. Find out what changed at Biblewomen.org

Etsy SEO Bootcamp - Creative people love to overlook logistical things. I’m talking about all those little things that will “get done eventually”. And it’s the technical bits that we tend to leave for last…”I’ll do it when I absolutely need it” — that’s the excuse I usually hear. Well guess what: You NEED SEO. Every day you wait, you’re losing sales and customers. Now and forever, SEO is literally the ONLY way for Etsy to figure out what you’re selling. And if Etsy doesn’t understand your…

Rogue One was made with characters with real high-stakes. And none of them freaking deserved what happened. DC killed off, what, one of their characters? In a movie called Suicide Squad... OK, sounds about right.

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