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kowloon-walled-city-whole.jpg The walled city was my inspiration for the decrepit city that grew up on the site of Fisherman's Wharf in the Black Planet books. The settlement was torn down just a few years before I visited HK. There is now a park at that site.

Kowloon Walled City: Inspiration for "Wharf" in the Black Planet books.

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Kapadokya, Turkey is home to hundreds of linked rooms that, together, form an ancient system of underground cities over 2,500 years old. Areas are separated by narrow corridors lit once lit by oil lamps as well as other architectural devices for maximizing the defensibility of the spaces.

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Tokyo, Japan is at the heart of a strange and gripping mystery involving seven riddles and a supposed secret underground city. It all began when Japanese researcher Shun Akiba found an old map of the Tokyo tunnel system that didn't match current maps. Since then, he has found six other strange inconsistencies in historical maps and other records that suggest the existence hidden spaces. His claims have been vehemently denied by the Japanese government.

Times Beach, Missouri One of the worst man-induced disasters in American history. As a resident of Missouri I feel like this event should have been included schools' curriculum.