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Saber Wynter is a woman that was part of Whitney's original GW program. Forced to kill others with her touch, she escapes and ends up as a roommate to Team Two GW Jess Calhoun, who is convalescing from being injured and is wheelchair bound. She loves Jess and feels protective of him.  She has no idea that Jesse is also a GW.  Jesse has a feeling that there is more to the eye with Saber, but he loves her in return.  When their enemies come to threaten them, they are in for a fight.    Mila…

Mila Kunis the New Face of Dior—See Her Stunning Ads!

Mila Kunis <3

The beautiful Mila Kunis. My favorite actress. She migrated to the USA from the Ukraine at age Ukrainian women are beautiful 

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'I feel normal again': Mila Kunis on why she's relieved to have gained 25lbs

' That's how actress Mila Kunis said she felt when she dieted down to 98 pounds to play a ballerina in last year's hit, Black Swan.

#HBD Mila Kunis (Aug 14)

I chose Mila Kunis to play the role of the caterpillar. The caterpillar is rude, sassy, and a bit ditzy. I thought Mila Kunis would fit the spot because she has that sassy rude look to her. I think she plays those type of roles well. Mila is

Più grave dello sputare nel piatto dove si è mangiato c'è il mangiare nel piatto dove si è sputato. @Losca71

Mila Kunis has become the global ambassador of the jewelry brand Gemfields. Gemfields is the world's leading supplier of rare colored gemstones. The company has released their 2014 campaign, Beauty By Nature, starring Mila Kunis.

Mila Kunis Elle UK July 2012 - Her hair, her makeup, she's simply gorgeous!

Mila Kunis Talks Dating Trouble and Her Stubborn Side in a Sexy Elle UK Spread

Pretty in pink! Dior's newest darling Mila Kunis in latest handbag campaign. Terrific!

Dior's newest darling Mila Kunis strikes a pose in pink for latest handbag campaign

Kadan Montague is a Team 1 GW who tracks down Tansy Meadows, a woman from Whitney's original experimentation group, to help catch rogue GWs who are killing people for a game. He is as intense as they get, and develops a powerful obsession with Tansy. He wants to protect her from the damage her ability to read objects inflicts, and he also wants to possess Tansy and claim her for his own woman, for all time.  When the killers target Tansy, he will take them all out, one by one.  Bailey Chase

Bailey Chase Hot Deputy Branch Conally from "Longmire" tv series