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I don't usually pin these, but..

Yep, That’s About Right.

I see, so if i don't have sex with you i'm a prude bitch, if i use the pill i'm a slut, if i get pregnant i'm an idiot and if i choose abortion i'm satan. Don't slut shame or any shame

Just make sure you understand that I'm the funny one.

Funny Friendship Ecard: I'm glad we share a sense of humor and an understanding that I'm slightly funnier.


9 Things That Happen When You Have Separation Anxiety From Your Pup

Sorry, I'd rather stay home and nurse an unhealthy level of attachment to my dog than socialize with people. yup that's me he's very entertaining

Wednesday’s Funny Pictures – 60 Pics

Your political views are like a penis. It's OK to be proud of it. It's OK to want to show it off, but it's not OKto shove it down other people's throats.

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& a post-dinner snack. oh yes we mustn't forget that. (Or rhe midnight snack) hehe

A man's day off is 'his day off' A woman's day off is time to catch up with the housework....

No joke."I didn't do anything because I have a day off I want to relax!like I relax on Saturdays doing dishes, laundry, and cleaning?