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One of the winning apps. The Global Fund for Women called on girl coders from around the world in February to design websites or apps that increase girls’ access to safe spaces online and in their physical communities as part of their International Girls Hackathon.

21 Insightful Confessions About Bisexuality

True! And some ppl are more likely to prefer one gender whether it's the same as their own or the opposite

My "boyfriend" punched me and broke my nose. I put him in the hospital. Dont hit a girl, especially one who's three older brothers are marines who taught her how to fight

The App That Could Put An End To Sexist Ads

Op - MissRepresentation, the organization and advocacy campaign behind the "Miss Representation" documentary, is currently producing and soliciting funding for an app called #NotBuyingIt, which will allow users to photograph, map and share advertisements that belittle or objectify women. Me - I have this app it's awesome!!

Women are not machines you feed kindness coins in until sex falls out. Doesn't work that way.

A guy using a dating app sent a woman an unsolicited penis pic. So the woman found his mom on Facebook and sent it to her.