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from KiddyCharts

I want to stop yelling at the kids

How can we stop yelling at kids as parents? It is tough, very tough - but if we think why we are yelling, and try and do something about it; it can really help.

Alphabet from Harry Potter’s bedroom in Godric’s Hollow [ x ]

from The Number Warrior

Greek Alphabet Chart

The capital letters of the modern greek alphabet is almost the same as lonic alphabet. Lower case letters came to be in after 800 AD. People would usually write horizontal lines and write, right to left. In 500 bc changed the direction of writing to horizontal lines from left to right.

Dwarf runes. When I was young, I wrote in all my paper journals exclusively in dwarf runes.....sometimes I still do.

Poor Benedict. :'c I know his pain. My Russian last name is apparently impossible for Americans to spell.

from Etsy

Harry Potter nursery alphabet 8x10 prints

Harry Potter nursery alphabet 8x10 prints. by Pavlikdesign on Etsy