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Put in a digging pit for rabbits. Nothing fancy. Just a tub filled with soil or sand so that they can dig to their heart's desires. This may curb their desire to dig their way out of the rabbit run. #rabbits

Toys to keep your rabbit happy. Second Hope Circle helps special needs pets in Ontario find homes through promotion, education and funding!

Safe foods suitable for rabbits | Which fruit and vegetables are safe for rabbits? | What fruit and veg can I feed my bunny?

Rabbit Hutch/cage Size Guide - Minimum Requirements | Regardless of what this chart says... I still believe a rabbit should be free like a dog or a cat is.

DUKTIG Doll bed with bedlinen set, pine, multicolor

Elke Huber's post in Companion Rabbit Chat - Leo loves his Ikea doll bed so much. (Sometimes he is sharing it for a little while with my dutchie Nala, but you can clearly tell that he considers it "his".)

Rabbit & bunny dental care tips. How to keep bunnies' teeth healthy. More on our Connecticut veterinary hospital's blog at