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Protect your backyard vegetables from birds with this hack

Seed Saving, Preparing for Next Year's Garden

Save some money by saving your own seeds from flowers and plants in your garden. Just have to remember where I saved them.


Nasturtium is an easy-to-grow annual whose leaves and flowers are edible. These plants with their bright greenery and vibrant flowers are good for containers or ground covers. Their pretty fragrance also makes them a good choice for cut flowers. Nasturtiums are perfect to grow with children because they grow so easily and rapidly.

Collecting and Storing Seeds From the Garden

Seed Soaking: Tips For Soaking Seeds Before Planting

Hi my name is, Michelle, I'm an admirer and collector of SUCCULENTS, literature & other house/garden beauties 🌱🌷🌿 in zone 7 ❄️.

Judging from the number of questions I get every summer about the plant fungus known as powdery mildew, I’ve learned three things over the years; it’s everywhere, you don’t like …