The Sweet Green Raw Juice...Kale & spinach and ginger, oh my! From The MS Diet for Women, she rocks! Vegan drink.

Coconut Milk, Leek And Potato Soup.....Vegan, from the MS Diet for Women.

MS Diet For Women : The Carrot And Apple Zinger 3 apples, 7-10 carrots, 1inch piece of ginger

Green Juice Recipe: Better Than a Flu Shot Juice #greenjuice #vegans #whatvegansdrink #rawfood #raw #recipes #glutenfree

I know how bad you felt, I know you were hurting, but MS never took that beautiful smile from your face

Kris’s ‘Immune Me’ juice Juice this bad boy when you feel a pesky cold coming on. For extra immune-boosting zing, double the ginger, which has antiviral and antifungal properties. In addition, ginger is anti-inflammatory (great for arthritis pain relief) and it stimulates circulation.

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