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Mom's Paint...Great little time saving method that will help Mum’s and Dad’s keep their children engaged and learning over the remainder of the holiday and save money too!

Today more than 1 in 10 Americans is taking some form of antidepressant medication, with that number shooting up to 1 in 4 American women in their 40s or 50’s. It’s safe to say that hormone imbalance(in this case serotonin), altering mood, energy, metabolism, and more is affecting a large number of us. And, at … … Continue reading →


Cocaine tooth drops, morphine teething syrup and other Victorian quack cures

An advertisement for an anti-fat remedy, patented by the Botanic Medicine Company, Buffalo, New York, in 1878 Picture: SPL / Barcroft Media


Nature-inspired Fashion Design through The Theory of Biomimicry

LAYERING SCRAPS LIKE SCALES After spying diamond-shaped wood chips on a workshop floor at London’s Kingston University—the leftovers of some architecture student, no doubt—Stefanie Nieuwenhuyswas reminded of a secondhand snakeskin bag she once purchased. Scooping them up, the fashion student set to work, layering the wooden scraps onto fabric like reptilian scales. To minimize waste, Stefanie Nieuwenhuys layered discarded pieces of wood onto fabric like reptilian scales. Nieuwenhuys’s “aha”…

I have had them call me "sweetheart" and "darling" and I have also had one ask me if I'd date him and it's the most uncomfortable thing there is

Kids love using sharp tools. It is so important that they know how to be safe and respect the tool. The only way to make them safe is to to teach them how! Check out our Forest School blog to give you the confidence to teach your own child axe skills.