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"well behaved women rarely make history" - harvard historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich - soft glass flameworked. Terrafuse, Marian

Blown, lampworked and fused glass pannel (30cmx35cmx8mm). Sea creature, Terrafuse, by Marian

Blown, lampworked and fused glass pannel (20cmx30cmx8mm), sea creature, Terrafuse, by Marian

Kiln casted glass Aruban cycade (YeYe), Terrafuse, by Marian Abath

Flowering cacti, Borosilicate glass, Terrafuse, by Effi!

Kiln casted glass cycade in silver setting, Terrafuse, by Marian Abath

Blown glass ready to be fused. Terrafuse, by Marian

Delfts Blue inspired glass pendants, fumed 24k gold. Terrafuse, by Marian

Black coral, 30cmx35cmx8mm, lampworked and fused glass, by Marian Abath, Terrafuse

Coral inspired pendants, soft glass, etched. Terrafuse, by Marian

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