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(Be the super villain) I kept fighting I was an orphan no home I lived in the streets I know I was only ten but I was smart and a whole lot of other things cuz of the accident. And now I'm out to fight crime again I was known as Kid what I couldn't think of a good name. Anyways now I'm on my way to stop a robbery when a car pulls up "Devil heart?" I ask "get in I'm taking you to school"

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How to stop your pocket being picked

The phone: Daylight robbery and Mount doesn't even feel a thing... How to stop your pocket being picked... by a man who can pinch your wallet, watch and even your tie without you noticing

Appearing on Watch What Happens Live in a segment tagged 50's two cents the rapper whose real name is Curtis Jackson was asked his opinion on a number of recent showbiz news and he revealed he's not surprised at Kanye West's hospitalization due to mental issues. 'Oof! That was interesting 'cause I kind of like felt you could kind of see that coming' he said. 'In pieces it was like little outbursts.' He surmised that Kim Kardashain's robbery in Paris the month before played a big role in it…

IN MEMORIAM - CORPORAL KEVIN "GALE" STAUFFER Corporal Kevin "Gale" Stauffer, 38, was shot and killed as he and two other officers responded to a bank robbery alarm. The robbery suspects fled the bank and were stopped in traffic at a railroad crossing a short distance from the bank. As officers approached, one suspect opened fire upon officers at close range. Read More:

awesome Watch this young white guy rob a petrol station in Johannesburg This armed robbery was on the 23rd of January at a petrol station in Johannesburg. This young guy stopped at the shop door and just walked in with a Shotgun.