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Nick Walker New Mural In Paris StreetArtNews

Nick Walker New Mural In Paris StreetArtNews

Banksy graffiti/street art - Better Out Than In: An artists residency on the streets of New York. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

L'exposition "UKTOEGFPKEODR" de Mygalo

Street art:In Boulevard Beaumarchais arr, Paris, France. Thanks to Enrica L’inconsolabile Geraci for the photo! In Paris, France. Thanks to Street Art Paris for the photo! By Nick Walker.

I don't even know how this is possible, but it'd be cool. I was toying with the idea of having Nick become more and more decayed as time goes on, so if we go with that, and this effect is possible, this would be really cool.

I’m not even scared, I’m impressed (17Photos)

The marine and the mermaid in trouble by *laura-csajagi on deviantART

This is exactly why my kind don't show outside of the deep, we are priceless animals people would pay billions just to touch one of us. I am glade to say that from most people I have met Sailors have been the most protective.

Water moved slowly around the paddle and the boat moved forward. The sky was dull; it was either dusk or dawn I couldn't tell. The boy continued to paddle. "Where are we going?" I asked. He was quite then began to sing in a language I've never heard before.  -Emma Kenny

dawn (Open RP) guy in photo is GARRIS. You can change the name if you feel like it Story time: "look, is that a mermaid?" Jon asked. "No, you foolish child" Garris shook his head, "nor will anything be a damn mermaid.

Le sens de ce dessin ? Ne pas oublier d'avoir du coeur ou ne pas oublier son MacDo ? / Paris, France. / Street art. / By Nick Walker.

Street art : quand la rue nous inspire

DIY-Glue two dollar store frames together for a Chic chunkier look!

DIY-Glue two dollar store frames together for a Chic chunkier look. I don't know what dollar store they shop at but the MTP dollar store frames are junkkk

Star Wars

21 Beautifully Geeky Foods