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beautiful fox

I see something in this fox's eyes that makes me think he should be loved and respected, not hunted. So beautiful but his eyes look like he just witnessed his family being hinted down! Stop hunting foxes and any other endangered animals

Hand Stand!

Not an uncommon sight when you visit Yellowstone in the winter months. The fox and coyote will listen for a mouse or vole below the snow . and then dive down to catch their dinner. My dog does this too:)

baby foxes

377 Pets & Animals: Cute Funny Inspiring Pictures

Funny pictures about Baby foxes cuteness overload. Oh, and cool pics about Baby foxes cuteness overload. Also, Baby foxes cuteness overload.

Joni Johnson Godsy

"Curious" Red Fox - Acrylic on Masonite by Joni Johnson-Godsy.

precious baby!!!!!!!!

I’m beginning to love these creatures more and more everyday.

Smile for the Camera!

I love Fox's, i just cant help but love the beautiful red fur and sweet face.