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Ryan Reynolds. The only way I could ever possibly be motivated to run a marathon.

I think I could chase Ryan Reynolds for miles. It could be my motivation for running a marathon haha ;

Josh Hutcherson. Can't believe he turned out like this.

{ Josh Hutcherson } "Hi! I am Josh. I have been acting since I was I have been in all of the Hunger Games movies. I stopped acting to become a daddy.

Pessoas e animais inspiração

Ryan Reynolds' dog Baxter looks a lot like Lola which means we're meant to be together.

@Natalie Meliotes @Brittany Hunter

josh hutcherson - not really sexy (yet, some more growing to do) but this is a good pic of him

John Krasinski - I mean really? He's good looking and hilarious, doesn't get much better than that!

Jim Halpert from the office. I will not settle down until that someone is exactly like Jim Halpert.

Hey Ryan, you are next on my list to be goofy with if James Franco and I don't work out. :)

Ryan Gosling - I have a terribly huge celebrity crush on this man.

Community Post: Should You Date Sean O'Pry Or Holden Nowell?

Should You Date Sean O'Pry Or Holden Nowell?

Holden Nowell

Cat Monday: Holden Nowell

Naughty boy or boy next door? Either way, Holden Nowell makes quite the impression. He's playful, pouty and perfect all in one making him the ideal guy for a Sunday Morning Fix.

"Call Me Maybe" male model

Holden Nowell, model of MAJOR MODELS is one of the best male models with a handsome ectomorphic body ;