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from Mum In The Madhouse

The ultimate advent activity list

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest StumbleUpon YummlyAdvent for me is part of the way of getting away from the whole consumerism of Christmas Day.  As a family we have our own advent calendar that I made and we do an activity each day throughout advent, which helps us focus on the true meaning of christmas for more »

White Line Pebble Maths - fab as ever from I'm a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here! (",)


art journal: moje chaotyczne miasto {art journal: my chaotic city}

Get a city you like or enjoy visiting Draw stuff which reminds you of the city Print photos of your favourite parts of the city Draw food of the city

I think this poster is trying to show that people of a higher importance or status such as the government grow to be very successful and are only out to protect them selfs because in the poster the man wearing the business suit has a gas mask cover his face protecting him where as we are left in all the pollution. Also the fact that the city is on top of his head almost a part of him suggests he is in control. -Lenai Clarke


Wallpaper Galore

Voyage Decoration - Orla Wallpaper - Wallpaper Ideas & Designs (

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The best 3D gifs from Doctor Who to Sherlock to Star Wars

The best 3D gifs from Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Wars, Frozen and more.

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No matter how you feel. Get up, dress up, show

Yeah baby! Take your power back!!!

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The 20 Things You Need To Let Go To Be Happy

#ellielee-I was a canvas. Skin so pale it was almost transparent, lines of blue and purple crossed over and branched off like the markings on a map directing my blood flow. I was a canvas. Staring at my veins I feel concealed and restrained, I'm a prisoner in my own body forced to wake up and go about my daily hell whilst the world mistakes me as part of it's scenery. I am irrelevant, apart of a chain moulded by society. I am told what I can and can't feel and so I am happy, I don't feel…

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25 simples cosas de la vida que me hacen inmensamente feliz

nomads in the desert of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India