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Love this gal... I'm a conservative.... so I must be racist right?

Bravo Mia Love for telling it like it is! It's time to unite to Make America Great Again - vote Trump for President!

Miss that about military theaters, and it's a custom the civilian theaters should take up: American Anthem before shows.

Thank God for our military. In every military movie theater, you HAVE to honor our National Anthem standing at attention and Thank God for that! I wish it played in EVERY movie theater.

The constitution

The constitution was never meant to prevent people from praying; its declared purpose was to protect their freedom to pray. -Ronald Reagan - on prayer and the Constitution

Praying for President Trump! Father God bless our President and keep him and his precious family safe. Amen, In JESUS NAME! And I for one appreciate President Trump for honoring GOD and for trying his best to make America Great Again,

Vote Trump 2016. Say No to the Real Racists #americafirst

If you are sick of the way the deranged liberal media portrays President Trump, then share this RIGHT NOW

No load to heavy to carry for our men and women in uniform. US army troops in Afghanistan

First African American GOP Women to go to Washington As a Rep. A Mormon mother from Utah wins Congressional District Nov.

Amen. Let freedom live on for our children's children, and for ever! God Bless America!

Let freedom live on for our children's children, and forever! 🇺🇸 God Bless America, and God bless the fine men and women who fight, for us to maintain our freedoms today.