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Costuming on a Budget: Edwardian Edition

PogglePoppy — dianaspencerofwales: Rare Photo

Diana's parents on their wedding day, June 1954 of which 9 members of the Royal family attended including the late Queen Mum and present Queen.

Embroidered walking suit, 'La Mode' magazine, French, 1910.

Embroidered walking suit, 'La Mode' magazine, French, 1910 via Wendy Schultz ~ Vintage Style.

L'ancienne cour

- This is the smooth, curving silhouette with softly blousing bosom and nipped-in waist that every woman tried to achieve in this era.

Mode aux courses, 1911-1914.

๑ Nineteen Fourteen ๑ historical happenings, fashion, art & style from a century ago - summer fashion c. 1914 via Wendy Schultz ~ Vintage Style.

thiếu nữ thập niên 1900s mặc bộ váy coset đã được nới lỏng thắt lưng. váy nhiều chi tiết như nhún bồng, ren

Edwardian ladies in "tea gowns" or "afternoon dresses" Women on the left in the cross over dress by Joana Sárközy

Henri Chouanard, Family portrait, 1907-10, Alinari archive [autochrome, early color photograph]

Henri Chouanard, Family portrait, - Alinari archive (autochrome, early color photograph) Boy, were they decked out!

colorised 1910 photograph - exceptionally well done, it looks like a film still!

a rare autochrome, or coloured photograph, most likely dating from the long, hot summer of 1914


Tailored suit with seamless skirt, by Linker & Co, Les Modes April This is a typical look in with small waist, high hip, long skirt mix with white collar and hugging bodice jacket an hat was very fussy

Street style 1906: Edward Linley Sambourne. LSL26 Kensington 4 Jul 1906

Street style 1906: Edward Linley Sambourne’s fashion blog

Edwardian street style photographed by Edward Linley Sambourne in Kensington, 4 July 1906

1239378_10200387917809278_1952577485_n.jpg (650×879)

▫Duets▫ sisters, twins & groups of two in art and photos - fashionistas, 1909

Les modes, 1901

Edwardian Fashion - 1907 Elegant strips break up the black, keeping it from looking too heavy and a white collar prevents the black from washing out her face

Fashion - 1915

1915 Women's Fashion Print ~ Costumes in New Cut & Color - I like the red velvet looking dress!