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Magical Michael Basil - 2002 winner

AAS 2002 Vegetable Winner Basil 'Magical Michael' -good to garnish salads and condiment meat dishes.

Italian Large Leaf  Basil

The broad, dark green, glossy leaves are 2 - wide and very

Basil Napoletano

Find a large assortment of the herb Basil at Sabellico's Garden Center in Hopewell Jct, New York.

Got Basil?  Here's What You Can Do With Your Summer Surplus - TheLadyinRedBlog - via http://www.theladyinredblog.com/1/post/2012/07/got-herbs-heres-what-you-can-do-with-your-summer-surplus.html

Is your summer herb garden out of control? Here’s what you can do with your extra fresh herbs from your yard, window box, or the supermarket to make your bounty last all year long.

Growing and Using Herbs, part 1: Basil - National Garden Bureau

Growing and Using Herbs, part 1: Basil

Dolly Organic Basil Seeds are a fast growing and particularly nice Genovese type basil with large, highly aromatic leaves.Well suited to container growing.

Sweet Dani Lemon Basil  - 1998 winner

AAS winner Basil 'Lemon Sweet Dani' offers a different scent from other Basils - pure, clean, citrus-lemon. Pick the leaves and use fresh or dried in herb vinegars, fish, vegetables and soups.

Thai Basil | HonestlyYUM

Buddha's Hand and Thai Basil Cocktail