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Step 42: I decided to use pleather as my under collar as having both as fur it would be too bulky also it adds a nice effect.

Step 44: I snipped the curve of my seam allowance so it will define the point of my collar more.

Step 43: pin and sew the right sides together of my collar around the three edges that don't attach to my jacket.

Step 52: top stitch the top of the collar to my jacket.

Step 50: sew the under collar onto the neckline starting from the centre back.

Step 33: pin on my collar patterns them cut them out.

Step 5: make sure that you make a left and a right side.

Step 15: then sew with a cm seam allowance, start at the shoulder seam and double back then sew out.

Step 45: pin the binding on to the right side of my lining with the binding 1/3 smaller than my jacket. Then sew.

Step 4: Use the front facing and front lining to start.