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Promising contender ready to smack down some impromptu recipes. This guy had fans. #UptownBattle


He started in the middle but graciously let the next bartender squeeze him for the spot. Cool points. #UptownBattle

Judges and bartenders in place. Check. Crowd buzzing. Check. #UptownBattle

The things that can happen within 4 hours up in Harlem. #UptownBattle

Ready to enchant judges, this bartender shook it down. #UptownBattle

New Harlem drinkie with lots of Henny. I mean a lot. #UptownBattle

Good consistent vibes. Well done team Uptown Battle. #UptownBattle

Reps from legacy brand Moet Hennessy, in the house. #UptownBattle

The senoritas were looking fly. Git ready, Harlem. #UptownBattle

Heavy on the Henny. Some like it like that. #UptownBattle