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trying-to-do-a-thing: Original Photo by TheLostCrusader :...

Winters Grasp, Alaska

Banff by The Globetrotting photographer, via Flickr

Winter mood by ~Ranveig Marie~ on Flickr.

Breathtaking Photos Reveal Sculptural Ice on a Mountain in Slovenia

My Modern Metropolis For 10 days, extreme weather pummeled Mount Javornik, part of a mountain range in eastern Slovenia as well as a popular ski locale. Photographer Marko Korosec captured the breathtaking, sculptural ice that formed.

Snow Cabin, Denny, Washington photo via charlington

. 'If you come, for example, at four in the afternoon, then at three o'clock I shall begin to be happy as the hour is coming, I'll feel more happy At four o'clock, I'll be restless and busy:. Uncover the price of happiness! but if you come at just any...