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Tjampawa Katie Kawin / Kaliny-kalinypa(Desert Grevillea), 2010  152 x 122 cm

Tjampawa Katie Kawiny 'Kaliny-kalinypa'(Desert Grevillea), 2010 acrylic on belgian linen 152 x 122 cm (from TJALA WOMEN 2010 show)

buchkunst. Im sad to see books used like this,  but what an amazing use and talent!

Altered Book Art by Brian Dettmer. The book lover in me is horrified at altering these books but the art is amazing!

Wire Sculptures, Wire, Sculptures, Deko

Wawirya Burton - My Country

Acrylic on linen, 153 x 198 cm. Tjala Arts - Amata - APY Lands Wawiriya Burton - 'Ngayuku ngura (My Country)' - Outstation Gallery - Aboriginal Art from Art Centres

Emily K Kngwarreye. / Untitled Alhalkere 212 x 122 cm

Emily K Kngwarreye. / Untitled Alhalkere 212 x 122 cm/n the Emily Kame Kngwarreye emerged as one of Australia's leading painters of modern times. Kngwarreye's prominence is no overnight

Like a 3-D take on Jackson Pollock, the latest work by the artist Martin Klimas begins with splatters of paint in fuchsia, teal and lime green, positioned on a scrim over the diaphragm of a speaker. Then the volume is turned up. For each image, Klimas selects music — typically something dynamic and percussive, like Karlheinz Stockhausen, Miles Davis or Kraftwerk — and the vibration of the speaker sends the paint aloft in patterns that reveal themselves through the lens of his…

Dusseldorf, Germany artist Martin Klimas

Chewing Gum Sculptures - Italian artist Maurizio Savini. You have to watch this its awesome !

In this episode our current series we meet up with Italian artist Maurizio Savini who creates sculptures from chewing gum. The gum is warmed to make it pliab.

What exactly are we looking at? Kuin Heuff is a Dutch artist with an eye for detail. Her acrylic portraits are astonishingly delicate and amazingly beautiful. She first paints on canvas, then she proceeds to gently cut away intricate patterns revealing a harsh quality to her work. Don't the cutaways remind you of scars on a face?Kuin Heuff's websitevia [This is Colossal]

Portraits Cut Out of Canvas

Rotterdam, The Netherlands artist Kuin Heuff-paints portraits on paper which she then cuts up from the layers of paint into a lace-like structure, which reminds of anatomical drawings and woodcuts.

Marcin Litwa

This week we went to Prague. Got a really nice weather, good place to stay and an amazing space to exhibit in.

Paint on found glass {I would love to try that!}. This is the swirly, perfect, hand-painted work of Chicago based artist Emmy Star Brown.

Hand illustrated art on glass windows created using sharpie pens.taking drawing with a pen to the next level