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AWE! When the two moments are juxtaposed like this, it becomes even more touching. John had only met Sherlock a short time before, but he still offered to DIE FOR HIM! And then later, Sherlock, as far as John knows, actually died for HIM! Oh, my poor emotions! D':

"the thrill of the chase, the blood pumping through your veins. it’s just the two of us against the the rest of the world."

"Have you ever jumped off stage and just as you've done it a dustbin cart comes by and then a bicycle has knocked over your best friend so you can't see the landing and you don't know whether you're dead but you might be dead PLEASE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED" Jack Whitehall speaks for the masses

No big deal. Not like his face is bloody. Not like he's returning to a changed world. Not like he nearly died and is about to return to John again. NOT LIKE I NEEDED MY FEELS OR ANYTHING.

THAT explains why their personalities are so different...because Sherlock has to make sure no one suspects him!!!!!!!!!!! :D

"I love this, because John isn't stupid. He's clever, and he understands people, and he understands Sherlock, who is a different breed from most. And Sherlock loves it when John calls his bluffs."