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Unreachable Resting Place One of the saddest splores I have seen of late, an old lady slowly withered away downstairs on a makeshift bed surrounded by filth and buckets to catch the dripping water leaking in all around.Here is the room she could no longer get to.A former nurse and in the caring profession but it appeared no one cared for her.The still ticking clock next to the deathbed downstairs from this and the little watch on the nurse uniform eerily both had the same time on them.

Harville House - Bulloch County, GA. A rural landmark for over a century, it was often referred to as the "Haunted House". A lady from Bulloch County did tell me that the last family members to live here were two old maid sisters, the Harville girls. Almost seems like a Southern "Grey Gardens" to me... It's one of the largest Folk Victorians I've ever seen, but seems sadly to be given up to the elements of time. ☀ CQ 5/8/13 #abandoned