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x acrylic and oil on fiberglass. To create this series I developed a process that involved casting a live model using dental alginate. This algi... Mercury (Variations II: Mystic Doodle)

Wow! The phenomenon, called a Sundog, happens when ice crystals appear in clouds and refract the sun's rays. Taken in Heyworth, Illinois, US.

Zoya Storm - This is a black jelly packed with micro holo glitter. It looks like the black hole at the end of the rainbow. Something to stare at during those moments of boredom and awkwardness during the day to feel the mystical pull of the universe.

I went over to the beach and sat down near the waves. The water came up and lapped my scarred, filthy feet. No smile came on my face. I looked to my side, saw the waves pull the sand away from an object. Digging gently in the sand, I pulled the object out and held it up. Rainbows of colors danced lazily along its side. Water splashed on it. The rainbows shifted and turned a darker shade..

Day 20 I love summer storms. The earth looks so pretty after the sun comes out and brings a rainbow. Today's weather is my happy.

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