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Funny pictures about McDonalds Logo : Weight I’m Gainin’ It, tagged with gain, logo, mcdonlads, weight posted in Gags

Or you can go all mean girls and say....omg you don't just ask people if they have tea with the queen

Oh my gosh! I don't know why people ask if anyone in England had had tea with the queen. No one over here thinks that Americans have McDonald's with Obama.

Lol id like to think so at least XD

Smart Girl Meme--pretty true, except for the pink thing. I'm more the Hermonie type

Eating tic tacs - Fail Picture

funny caption My God I've been eating Tic Tacs Wrong for Years Right Way to get one tic tac at a time little crevice for one tic tac the right way to eat tic tacs

Holla!  I'm goin' down to tha Dolla

Meanwhile in the hood, Honey Boo Boo went to this store and yelled "A dolla make me holla honey boo boo!

Remember to be good, especially driving on icy roads.

He sees you when you’re sleeping Because through your window he’s peeping. He likes you because This is a naughty Santa Claus.

Exam answers LOL!  The giraffes!  I used that same pic with my kids!

Exam answers

Funny pictures about Funny exam answers. Oh, and cool pics about Funny exam answers. Also, Funny exam answers photos.

I laughed so hard when I saw this. IM PEETA AND I KNOW IT :D

I'm Peeta and you know it

LOL, i knew there was a reason why i loved Peeta Mellark so much in The Hunger Games :) You must think of the song "I'm sexy and I know it"