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Best response to a racist post ever!

Well Damnnn << XD That poor girl lol



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niggas be like

Niggas be like...

Niggas be like baby you still mad

Niggas be like

But they let their girls think they're controlling them

I'm Problematic As Fuck and So Are You  The other day I spent several hours on Twitter arguing with a group of people about how they were racist and sexist with a homophobic cherry on top. I spent the next 10 minutes being lectured on how I shouldn't use the word lame because it was offensive to people who suffer from physical handicaps. When I suggested using the word "stupid" instead I was told that it was problematic for people who may face a mental handicap. It is at that point I…

The key thing that separates the two is that to do the right thing it is not problematic and to do the wrong thing is problematic.


Michael Jordan says yall done bought all my shoes and you still ain't got no damn car

White people be like, lock! Lmao

White people be like, lock up those doors!