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The day after Bernie Sanders wins the Indiana primary, #dropouthillary is the top trending hashtag on Twitter. Also a federal judge ruled today that Sec. Clinton may be interviewed about use of a private email account while Secretary of State.

In many ways, Twitter was the defining social media platform of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Years from now, political scientists and presidential historians will probably look back and marvel at how Twitter completely changed the dynamics of the race. How Twitter defined the 2016 election Donald Trump’s 3 AM tweet-storms, the trending hashtags and memes that went viral on Twitter after every debate, and CNN’s breathless reporting of every new tweet from the candidates as “BREAKING…

BREAKING : Trump’s Top Advocates Unite to Fight Against Possible Romney Post with Trending Hashtag #NeverRomney – TruthFeed

After Kellogg’s Insults the Trump Train #DumpKelloggs becomes the #1 Trending Hashtag – TruthFeed

12 Disturbing Tweets That Prove How Common Sexual Abuse Is for Kids The trending hashtag #WhenIWas shows that harassment and violence often begin at a young age.

'Pizzagate' The deranged conspiracy theory that jumped from hashtag to IRL violence Read more Technology News Here --> On Sunday afternoon an armed man walked into pizzeria Comet Ping Pong in Washington D.C. firing his weapon at least once and causing a whole lot of havoc. SEE ALSO: Reddit's Trump trolls are freaking outand they're right The reason for his actions? He was there to "self-investigate" an online conspiracy theory now handily known to those…

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Donald Trump supporters protest ‘anti-white discrimination’ at Starbucks by asking for ‘Trump cups’

Starbucks has become embroiled in a debate around Donald Trump after two supporters claimed they were mistreated by staff due to their political allegiances. The coffee chain started to trend on Twitter with the hashtag #TrumpCup after a Starbucks employee allegedly called police on a customer for requesting the name "Trump" on his coffee cup. In the second case, a video of Trump supporter David Sanguesa berating a Starbucks barista for allegedly refusing to serve him went viral.

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California revives talk of secession with #Calexit, but it’s not the only one

The hashtag #Calexit trended on Wednesday as some Californians expressed their frustrations with the election results, calling for secession from the United States.