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Capn Crunch this is so the truth! Peanut butter is the bomb!!!

This represents my feelings perfectly right now...

LMAO This is so accurate it's scary!!!

Nuffield said. Am I right floridians?

Funny Apology Ecard: Wow uterus. Sorry for not getting you pregnant. No need to throw a temper tantrum.

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11 Suggestions We Wish Netflix Would Make

So true lol!!!


I’ll Just Hold It Then

Holding in coughs in class so you don’t disrupt anyone. | 29 Times Socially Anxious People Almost Dropped Out Of College

So keep 'em! repinned by

Hahahahahahaha @Annmarie Wood Aulbach remember Phillip and Justin at cran-hill in the barn store?? That was hilarious!! *Whoops you weren't waving at me...

Hahahaha!! This is SO true!! I remember before phones, I new ingredients and warnings for all bathroom products ;-)