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Stenberg Brothers The Eleventh 1928, litografia 101.2 x 68 Collection Merrill C. Berman Autor e Director: Dziga Vertov; Camera: Mikhail Kaufman. Neste cartaz o uso de letras geométricas arrojadas, cores brilhantes e imagens fotográficas combinam-se para produzir um efeito de travagem. Apesar do fascínio dos Stenbergs com as técnicas fotográficas e de filme, eles desenham este e outros designs numa superfície de impressão litográfica.

'The Eleventh,' a Russian movie poster by Stenberg Brothers, Mindful of difficulties in reproducing photographs, they made meticulous realistic drawings by enlarging film frame images with a projector.

the hunger catherine deneuve | The Hunger 1983

Did someone say social vampires? Know how to spot 'em and know how to run away from 'em. The Hunger with Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie, not to be confused with The Hunger Games, kids.