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Decorated human skulls dated to 9,500 years ago found at the Neolithic site of Tell Aswad, near Damascus. On the skulls, lifelike faces were modelled with clay earth, then coloured to accentuate the features. The result claim the archaeologists "being surprisingly realistic".

Three human skulls found in Gough’s Cave, Somerset, England were carefully worked into the shape of bowls, indicating that they were used to drink from. At 14,700 years old, these are the oldest skull cups ever discovered, and they were surrounded by other human remains that had been snapped to get to the marrow inside, suggesting cannibalism.

Dmanisi Human: Skull from Georgia Implies All Early Homo Species were One This is an artist's reconstruction of female Homo from Dmanisi, Georgia. Image credit: Elisabeth Daynes, via

Georgian Hominid Skull Is Most Complete Ever Found: Five 1.8-million-year-old skulls have been unearthed in Dmanisi, home of the largest collection of well-preserved human remains in the world. In fact, the fifth skull is being called the most complete hominid skull ever found.

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Ancient 'X-Woman' discovered as man's early ancestors are pictured together for the first time

The 'Old man of La Chapelle' was recreated from the skull and jaw of a male found near La Chapelle-aux-Saints, in France in 1908. He lived 56,000 years ago. His skeleton indicated he suffered a number of illness including arthritis and had numerous broken bones. This was not noticed when he was first discovered and gave rise to the mistaken belief that neanderthal man was a hunched individual. His relatively old age of between 40 to 50 indicates he was looked after by a clan